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DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 17, 2015, 4:13 AM

Hey guyz !
It's been a while isn't it ? 
I'm really sorry for all this time out of deviantART but real life (I mean offline ^^) can be really exhausting and make you out of free time...

It's been nearly 4 months that i'm almost inactive here, but I'll try to change this :)
Now as I was on holidays during deviantART epic 15th birthday, I need first to Wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to deviantART!!

I think you already know my love for this website (even if i'm not always happy with everything going on :lol: )
And I've seen this little questionnaire so let's give it a shot 

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Oh god i'm becoming old here ...
June 12th, seen me turn 11 years old ! old 

What does your username mean?
Sadly NOTHING :xD:
In fact it was my gaming name when on Quake3 Arena something like 16 years ago (after trying ADN - AntiCore etc etc ....)

Describe yourself in three words.
Shy / Curious / Passionate

Are you left or right handed?
Right Hand Team o/

What was your first deviation?

Yeah... I know it's a Ultra Fractal fractal xD
I've started with this one and finish with Apophysis and Chaotica's flame ... 
I've never really understand how to master it :)

What is your favourite type of art to create?
You serious bro?? Fractal of course :#1:

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
It's a really hard choice ! 
I love photography (and do some on holiday or free times) but I love digital drawings....
I guess I would give a shot to digital drawings !

What was your first favourite?

solitaire by bittertaste

And you know what ??? I still really love this pic !

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
It really depends of my mood !
But I usually fav Fractal the most of times, but I'm used to fav a lot of photography and digital art ;)

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Inside the fractal art community it would be hard to pick one, but if I had no choice I think it would be : lindelokse !

  Un Soffio Caldo by lindelokse  BioSpell by lindelokse  Queen of the Rain by lindelokse
She's really awesome, kind, lovely and a wonderful artist who never hesitate to share her tricks and tips with the community !

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Damn why this questionnaire is so freaking hard to answser ????
I've been lucky and I've already met a lot of awesome deviants !

But I would have love to meet the lovely megturney / the awesome draweverywhere /  our wonder-woman Moonbeam13 / My masters lindelokse C-91 FarDareisMai (you girlz rulez) lyc (:highfive: bro)

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
This one is easy !!!
6 years ago I've met my wife... and she's a deviantartist ! :heart:

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Easy one too ! 
chaoticafractals softaware and Apophysis of course ! 
We've made a looong road during 11 years together ! 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My home... with a beer and some trippy music! :shuffelin: 

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Oh god I've so much good memory !!
I think it was clearly the awesomely epic 2012's deviantART devmeet in Paris !
We was nearly 300 deviants in a pub which could only have like 200 persons inside xD
It was awesome to be able to organized it with ZeldaDreams (:heart:) and to be able to meet sooooooooooooooooo (oooooooooo) many awesome deviants !
First my unique beard bro ArtBIT, the awesome spyed, the shy but lovely Heidi, the lovely Ayame-Kenoshi, the overfriendly ikazon  and hundreds of others deviants from Europe and even other continents !

That's all guyz ! 
My daily time on deviantART is already done.... gtg back to real life :tears:
See you soon 
Take Care, ~Damien <3

7th Daily Deviation and more!! Thank you so much!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 9:42 AM
Hi !
It's been a while since my last journal !
But today seems to be a perfect day for a new journal :la:

7th Daily Deviation

Freezing in the night by SaTaNiA
I've just open my deviantART today and just see that tatasz gave me my 7th daily deviation !!
Thank you so much tatasz for considering Freezing in the night as a Daily Deviation !
And a big thank you to KPEKEP for suggesting it and for all the support he gave me though the years :hug:

New projects

So for the last months I was quite inactive on deviantART due to a loooooot of work, come really big projects are starting for the french subway and I was really really busy...
But I've also made some projects during those last months ... and I've got some going on :)

First of all I have a lot of work to do to stay up to date with Apophysis and chaoticafractals .
I've just try for the first time Chaotica awesome and groundbreaking Animations tool !
I know it's a months old feature but as i've said previously it was hard for me to browse the web...

If you've never used or tried it D O   I T   N O W ! 
lyc has made and incredible work on Chaotica ! 

I need also to be back a bit more often on the #Aposhack and #chaoticafractals chatrooms !
If you find me there don't hesitate to poke me for questions, params and pong party :)

And to finish ZeldaDreams and I will bring back to life the awesome DeviantMEET-Paris !
I know for french deviants it's been a while since our last meeting but you know that sometimes real life can be hard ....
But if we manage to keep some time for us we will make a new meeting as soon as possible :la:

Great news (ok ok for me !)

As you may know it's now 10 years that i'm on deviantART...
Almost 5 years ago ZeldaDreams and I met during the DeviantMEET-Paris #3, and we were really close almost since the first eyes contact, 3 years later we move in together for our first flat and nowadays 5 years later, ZeldaDreams and I get married last 2nd August :la: (it's a civil weeding, the religious one will be one day :giggle: in France we called it PACS)

 :heart: Pacs by SaTaNiA :heart:

That's all folks !
Thanks for taking the time to read it and maybe comment it :hug:
Take care and stay devious !

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:44 AM
All start 12 years ago when I was searching for some new wallpapers and WinAmp skins to customize my brand new PC.
Without a doubt I've started to search, and I finally meet deviantART for the first time ...
And I  didn't though a second this would totally change my life...

Galaxy by nexious  
This image represent for me one of the first I've seen here on deviantART and it was also one of my first desktop wallpaper.
I've really love the colors and the space/scifi thingy with the touch of abstract..

Like this image, I've found a whole new universe, ART and passion.
I've browsed for two years (ok not everyday but for sure I was here almost once a week)  looking for new wallpapers and skins.
Pinch My Light by DreamWarrior
In 2004, I've register here because after seeing this artwork I've wanted to start creating my own art...
Something like this, something powerful, trippy, with a lot of strength and colorful...

And here start the whole thing for me...
When I'm looking back, it was a very long way, full of joy/hate, passion, friends and family.
I've found a whole community and a real family behind this name : deviantART.

Melt the Ice by Zueuk

This artwork, for me, represent what kind community I've found here, full of love with a (heavy) touch of craziness.
what Zueuk did with this piece of art, kind change my way to see fractals and art.
I've found here the perfect balance between shapes and abstract and between bright/dark colors...

Time has flown and so do I ... I wanted to thanks deviantART for what it gives me during all those years and I've joined the DeviantMEET-Paris staff.
How crazy was I to think about joining them ! That was one of the best experience I've ever made.
Why ? Because first of all I've find there real friends, and specially I've found my wife there ! ZeldaDreams :heart:
Was I thinking : 'I'm going to get married with a deviant!" Hell no ! (too much silliness here :giggle: ) but I do ! ( :woot: )

Space by MaliciaRoseNoire
This is made by one of our friends I've found here on deviantART...
I love so much this Scifi/Photomanip artwork that I've bought her a print of this artwork which is now proudly standing at home.
A perfect balance between realistic elements and scifi, and really good use of shadows to bring the attention on what you need to see... I just love it !

And now 10 years later after SaTaNiA was born on deviantART... and now that deviantART 14yo...
I'm really happy to have found this community such a long time ago...
The power of ART is limitless and a community can really change yourself into something / someone better!
If you wanna feel the power of this community, just dive into it ! Dive as far as you can, be devote to it and you will see that you will find really something awesome.

Srs bsns back in LA by spyed
I just wanna thanks you all the staff, ex staff member, dedicated deviants and friends.
For making what deviantART is now and for making me a better man..

Those 10 years with you was awesome and I hope to see 10 more years of awesomeness with all of you !
Take care of all of you !
I love you guys thanks for being awesome ! :heart:

Reactivating all my social accounts and projects!!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 5, 2014, 2:45 AM
Hi there !

It's been a while since my last journal... My first one for 2014 to be honest :tears:
I hope everything is going well for all of you :la:

This year I'll try to make more fractals and be more active a bit everywhere on the web !
So I've decided to reactivated some of my social accounts and to create some !
You will now be able to follow my artwork (and some behind the scene) a bit everywhere :la: 

So since now you can find me on :

Also don't forget that you can find me on my personal brand new website : :la:

Projects ! 

Online :

Actually I'm working on a new kind of Elliptic/Splits flames which are using ... NO SPLITS !
haha it's kinda fun and powerful, a lots of new shapes are coming and I'm having a lot's of fun actually playing with my params ...
But I'll try (IDK when I'll be able to make it...) to create a tutorial on this technique :bademoticon: !


This year, I really want to be able to make my first exhibition !
So I've decide to print some of my works !
Here's a quick preview of how it looks so far :la:

Sunrise on a Rose by SaTaNiA
Frost by SaTaNiA     Spinning Spectrum by SaTaNiA

I've print them on :
For the first one (Sunrise on a rose) on dibond aluminum at a size of : 23.6' x 15.7' (60cm/40cm)
The second (Frost) on Forex at a size of : 23.6' x 15.7' (60cm/40cm)
The third (Spinning Spectrum) on Forex too at a size of : 23.6' x 15.7' (60cm/40cm)
And they all come with a specific Glosssy aspect :)
What do you think of them at this size ? Would it be better with an higher size ?

Do you have any tips about galleries? exhibitions?

I hope to see you soon guyz !
Take care

6th DD + A World Of Fractals

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 9:01 AM

Hey guys !
It's been a while since my last journal ... and a lot's of things are going on for me !

One moar daily deviation !!

I've received my 6th daily deviation thanks to piethein21 and tatasz yesterday  Joy
Thank you so much for making my week with this !! 

Here's my baby : "Furya
Furya by SaTaNiA

A world of fractals

If some of you watch me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen that I've just launched my own website (portfolio to be exact) !
I would love you to take some time to visit it ! 

OMG - Watch that -reverse-    A World Of Fractals | Damien Girodon    OMG - Watch that  

I hope you will enjoy it and share it with friends ;) :giggle:


Yeah movember is still going on...
21 days away from my razor and it start to really itch like hell !
Do you participate this year ? If you do, please link me your best 'stach face of this year and if you don't... DO IT as well !  :la:

That's all for the moment..

Yeah Movember is running sweetly for 12 days now and thousands of nice mustaches are growing!

My beard and mustache is growing and start to itch now ! (arggg what a pain ! :giggle:)
But I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to support the Men's health month !

I've just set up the French deviantART Team and I would love you to show me your sweet mustache !

You could join the team (for free, no donations need) if you are a men, a female, a strange humanoid coming from space or even if you're a pokemon ... :iconpikamoustacheplz:

So feel free to join the French team :…
If you can I would love you to give a lil something (even if it's 1 buck!) for the team or to myself ! here's my profile :…

Now show me your best mustache face !
Here's my 12th day of beard/mustache growing !
MO-Day 12 by SaTaNiA

Let's change Men's health ! 

Everything has an end ...

Fri Oct 4, 2013, 2:04 AM
Hey guyz !

As you can see yesterday was my last day as a Community Volunteer...
It was a really awesome experience, I've been able to meet so many awesome persons, to find some awesome artworks and unknow artists...

I'm really sorry for my lack of time those last months ...
I've tried to be as much as possible on deviantART to reply to comments/notes and to set daily deviations but I wasn't able to make as many journals and news as I would have love to do ...

The deviantART community is really amazing and full of awesomeness, it's a real experience itself, and I'm really proud of the being able to have this CV experience.

I would love to thanks a lot Moonbeam13 for her awesomeness and her real kindness even in hard times!
Thanks to namenotrequired for his help as my CV mentor...
I want to thanks all the deviantART community volunteers for their kindness everytime and all the fun we had together !
To all the deviantART staff for giving me the chance to enjoy this year ...

And to you dear deviants who support me everyday, in sadness, in joy, in fun it really touches me ! 

Thank you everyone,
I'll still be around devART as soon as I can...

I really love you devianART :heart:

Hey guyz !

That's a "long" story but here's the short version...
During January 2013 the Art director of LiquidForce (one of the most famous wakeboard manufacturer) contact me for an awesome project...
Making 2 wakeboards for him !

Now at SurfExpo (Orlando, Fl) the 09/06/13 LiquidForce has revealed their news gears for 2014, and my two boards !
So let me introduce the first and most awesome one : The Wing 

Wing by SaTaNiA
Wingready by SaTaNiA

This board is made with one of my favorite fractal : Elliptic Flow 
Elliptic Flow by SaTaNiA

Amber Wing one of the most famous female wakeboarder have seen this deviation and loved it immediately she ask her wakeboard sponsor' art director if he can find me and ask me to sell her this graphic for her new pro wakeboard!
So we work with him to make her the perfect board! and here it is !
(gosh the render size was so huge and the quality so high it took me 5 full days to render it !!! over 20k pixels wide !)

You can see a live introduction of this board on Vimeo :pointr: right here ! :pointl:

We also make her some awesome binding!

Wing Binding by SaTaNiA

and the video introduction is :pointr: right here :pointl:

Now for the other board !
The art director browse my gallery here on deviantART and find one of my daily deviation called : Fire and Flames
Fire And Flames by SaTaNiA
He wants me to tweak this fractal to make it a bit smoother and with another gradient to fit is future board set!

So let me introduce you : The Trip 

Trip by SaTaNiA

This board is a board made for everyone ! Create to be the best board for beginners and even awesome for skilled wakeboarders! 
I just freaking love it too !!

Now I can't wait to see those two board in a competition or live :)

Hey guyz !
Now in case you missed them, here are all the DD I've set during August :love:
Stay devious guyz!! 

 Threads of the Forest by chowbeng    al ge go 6 by sil333   Metallized landscape by janhein  Bambu by infinite-art 
isadora by DoubleLayer    Dramatic Development by fractek   Topmod Incendia Ex by nic022   Anachronauts by shm84gfx   Shiny bug transfixed by entomological pin by mic-art    Higg's Boson ? by Dead-Levaithan   The Pretender by PlasticMushroom    Locus of Focus by Hollowfication23   Mirror City by Daeurth   CREATURES OF THE DEEP by DorianoArt  Raised This Way by SuicideBySafetyPin   Red-Flower-Sunset by GrannyOgg Posidonia by hyperben2   Mandelbrot 70 - Abiding Love - by Olbaid-ST   the urburus cascade by hashmodai    Risks14 by Mr-Bastos  Against the Machine by FractKali    Graphite Terminal by NoEyedSquareGuy   Evening by findzha    Dimensions by kr0mat1k  HD_2012_003 by zzzzra     Black Velvet by SjerZ   Wetlands by TiamatHeart    Seasons by tatasz

Meet the Fractal Community #10

Fri Aug 23, 2013, 1:50 AM
:ahoy: Hey everybody ! 

Welcome to the tenth edition of Meet The Fractal Community !
In few words, Meet The Fractal Community is interview with an artist of our beloved fractal community.

This week let's have a closer look to lindelokse!

First of all , please introduce yourself to the community.
My name is Chiara, I'm a young architect from Italy and I'm a pathological Apophysis addict. I love art, nature, 80s music, fantasy, dogs, fat animals, action movies, and I greatly enjoy being immature.

Tell me how to call you? Do you go by your Name or an artistic pseudonym?
Either way is fine for me :) My nickname here comes from Tolkien's world which was one of my greatest passions as a child.

How did you discover deviantART Chiara ?
I was looking for good resources: textures, stock images, photoshop brushes, etc. Then I decided to join to thank and support the resource providers... it didn't take long to fall in love with all the beautiful art here, and to start collecting favorite deviations

What is your earliest Artistic memory ?
Artistic is a term I never liked much when refered to me, I prefer to talk about creative memory instead :) 
As every child did, I used to draw a lot and write stories and poems all the time. The odd thing is that I rarely completed any. Stories were only incipit, drawings always lacked complete coloring... this was probably due to my terrible habit to start hundred of projects all together, quickly get bored and suddenly start something new.

How did you discover fractal? And why did you want to create some ?
I was browsing galleries on deviantART and I randomly stumbled upon "Under River" by ~imaginum.
I was completely amazed and fascinated. Then I kept on browsing the fractal gallery and saw works by ~Zueuk, `MichaelFaber, `JoelFaber, *Pasternak... and they made me even more interested and charmed. I HAD to make such images too, it was too strong an impulse

Are you empirical or academically trained?

Half and half. I am a graduated architect so my university studies and work experiences may have influenced and strenghtened my interest and affinity with digital graphics. The rest is improvisation and a lot of learning from fellow fractalists' teachings :)

What's your favorite tool of trades and why ?
Apophysis, clearly! Every little thing it does is magic, in Police's words... it's like painting with numbers.
I also deeply love Photoshop, and use it mostly for work purpose.

What are your favorite kind of fractals ?
Those that convey the feeling that "something's goin' on", that something of amazing is happening, regardless of complexity, subject or technique used. There must be an involving content, emotionally or dynamically speaking.

If you have to choose only one fractal in your gallery which one would it be and why ?
I'm particularly fond of my "Eternal" flame. 
Eternal by lindelokse
It was one of the first 3d blooms I made, it took so many days of work to craft, so many versions and details to refine, and a lot of help from *zy0rg too! Also, it's a raw flame, so no postwork on it, raw apophysis outcome

Do you have some tips for new comers in the fractal art world ?
Be prepared to get inevitably addicted!


Always aim to diversity, and never hesitate to walk outside the path and take your own road. At any time.

Be patient. Take time to refine your work, never be happy with the first version only, you can always dobetter. Details are too important to be forgotten.

I've got one more question for you... if you were the last one standing in the world, what would be the first thing you would do ?
Such a cruel question, being alone is my worst nightmare! I'd probably look for a pet to get some company... even a plant would do, if animals were all gone too... give me a Wilson to talk to!

I hope you guyz enjoy this article and are ready for the next one !!

Hey deviants !

I'm coming to you with this small article to make you understand why you should google your artwork...
Here's the story...

Today while eating my lunch at work, browsing the web like i'm used to do during those small 10mins of break, I found one of my artwork on a facebook link...
Strangely this was a spanish "zen" website... 
 the original artwork ... WP - Sunrise on a rose by SaTaNiA

So I've Google this image and find out that this exact same picture was used ... for a CD !
The CD is from Zymosis and produced by Altar Records

Art rip 3 by SaTaNiA

By searching, I've finally find the "art association" created by the "designer" itself and finally find that this exact same designer used deviantART's images to create is own "artwork" and sell them for everything ... Like a full wall print in a restaurant, CD, t shirt, flyers etc...

As another example I've recognized this particular fractal but I can't remember in which deviant's gallery I've already seen it ...

art rip 2 by SaTaNiA

I've also seen some photomanipulation which could come from deviantART ...
So if I could give you an advice ... check sometime with Google images or with Tineye

Exciting news guys! 

A fractal artist meeting is being planned for 25-27th June, 2014 to be held in San Sebastian (Spain) and you are all invited!
The venues for this 3 day event have already been booked and invitations are going out to the fractal artist worldwide. This is a chance to meet and vacation with other fractal artists while also sharing in a day of lectures to learn more about fractal artistry, the history of fractal art and the tools we use.
A few US artists got together informally a few years ago and had a terrific time meeting each other and sharing ideas. We decided that the next one needed to be in Europe so that more people could attend.

For more information, please visit Math Artistry and don't miss your chance to register.

Hooray! Long live to deviantART!

Wed Aug 7, 2013, 1:27 AM
Now 13 years ago deviantART was for the first time on the internet!
I'm sure spyed matteo and jark don't really realize at this point the revolution they start.
deviantART comes from a small community of deviants to millions deviants!
From a small "applications skins and wallpapers" community to THE art community on the internet !
From a hundred deviations to millions of deviations !
Now 13 years later deviantART is made of 80+ active staff member, 50 community volunteers and more than 20 millions active deviants !

I'm really proud to have joined this community 9 years ago now, i'm browsing it more than 11 years now and I've seen it change a lot during all this time !
deviantART is always improving, changing... try to always be the best place to browse art (and it is for sure!), to give the most possible exposure to all the kind of art... That's just really awesome and breathtaking !

I encourage you to wish deviantART a Happy birthday and a long long long life to them !

Thank you guys for all your hard work for us !
Thanks to you dear deviants, we won't be here if you weren't here either!
Keep being devious and awesome !

We love you deviantART.
We love you deviants !

Hey guyz !
Now in case you missed them, here are all the DD I've set during July :love:
Stay devious guyz!! 

...and strokes became kisses by Golubaja The Proposition by Rozrr  EschersChaos by jjkiefer  Craving by Thenit  Untitled - 20120420-0222-01 by muzucya  The Colours of Invisibility by JP-Talma  The Bots of Andoan by GypsyH  <da:thumb id="382089110"/>  093 by Arkadius13  Eye Of The Storm II by LithMyathar     Moonlight Met by rockgem    UF13 Fractal Geometry 5 by Xantipa2  Talis Window by innac  Veiled Imbrications by CO99A5  Never Give Up by beautifulchaos1  Black and White by Wi6791lly  Hydra by dainbramage1  Swirl Donuts by tiffrmc720  90 degrees by nemitode  Butterfly knot by p0pSyK4t  White Fairy by Yuline  Catharsis by Xyrus-02  Gone with Summer by Szellorozsa  Clarity by SymmetryBox  Paper Sunset by Trente  Beta Copy by guagapunyaimel  UF-Fire and Ice + params by Lupsiberg

Hey guyz !

Here's a good news for everyone!
This friday at 1PM CDT (today) in the #Aposhack  there will be a awesome critique session for all your fractal work ! 
From new comers to the old fart everyone will be able to have a critique and and will be able to have and find clue to make some more awesome artwork !

Be sure to find your local time to come and join us for this critique session here : 

Hey guyz !
Now in case you missed them, here are all the DD I've set during June:love:
Stay devious guyz!! 

Julia by pfrancke  Light Symphonia 42 by love1008  Steel wings by Theli-at Escher's Stairs by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel  Pieces of Me by EyesOfAcheron  2013-6 (Kirsty's Gift) by aleisa  Helles Ebtry Apo Contest Apr 2013 by Dawgit  Twist. by Kondratij  Gnarl Spirit by Yenkoff  The Hanging Bridge at Dusk by raysheaf  Plante carnivore . by Michel-de-Lorient  The fossil of what once flew by blingblingbabe  
Crystal Koch by fractalfiend    Mandelbulb Ceiling by Lion6255  Hidden Amulets - Red by 011Art My Wonder Wall by SidicusMaximus Kaiku by FractalEuphoria Here Come the Hedgers by moonhigh Pink Summer Dream by Stufferhelix  5.31.13 C by annemaccat Razzel-Dazzel-001 Sig by ws76 MDB UVL21 by fraxialmadness3 Nimrods Palais by Bramvan Wish you were here... by uncubitodehielo88 Alien plant by lucid-light colourful burning roundings by Andrea1981G          

Hey guyz !
Now in case you missed them, here are all the DD I've set during May :love:
Stay devious guyz!! 

539 by Daniel642 Temple of honor by bib993 Ribbons by CMWVisualArts  Long Way Down by HalTenny  Trailing Clouds by LaPurr  Happy Birthday TiamatHeart by Undead-Academy  Sculptured Pearls by karlajkitty <da:thumb id="367401681"/>  Jul3d130421B by fractal2cry  tripping ducks 4e by mauxuam  Medusae in Flight by Adrolyn Geaest by pixelfrac  
 Somewhere in Mandalay by teddybearcholla  Some living things by Ejimac  Iridescent Flower by luisbc    Broadditch Pond Remembered by Nigel-Hirst  Sophisticated by LeXXe   Burning Tail by gom3z  Augar by aDeeperB1ue    Which Came First? by xraynet  Braided Flower by twinx85    Flower by Mark-Rezyka  Soulis: Metallica XIII by soulis0    Sub-Terra by InsidiousSys
Church by StuKarver

Hey deviants.

I'm writing this journal right now feeling guilty to be honest...
I'm be really away from dA those last weeks due to a lot's of things...
First of all I want you to know that I'm really sorry.

As you know deviantART is a real familly for me and that's why i'm felling guilty right now :tears:
I've been away first due to my IRL work, my chief is actually trying to make some moral harassment, making me work more than 50/60h a week with crazy deadlines and sick aims..
That's just make me crazy and leave me no time at all for deviantART.
Now this last week I've been really ill and by the way I was not healthy enought to go to the internet...
That's why as you've have seen this week there's not Daily Deviation.

BUT! Don't worry they will be back tomorrow :la:
I've planned to try to give more time to myself those next weeks.
So i'll be back with some fresh news, I'll try to connect in the #Aposhack to pong some parameters, and make new fractals !

Once more I'm sorry for not beeing here those last weeks :hug:

Hey guyz !
Now in case you missed them, here are all the DD I've set during April :love:
Stay devious guyz!! 

Tortured Boundries by quandry247 Deco Disaster by Platinus EXOSPHERE by Tahyon  PVC by depaz 
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Meet the Fractal Community #9

Mon Apr 29, 2013, 10:56 PM
:ahoy: Hey everybody ! 

Welcome to the ninth edition of Meet the Fractal community !
In few words, Meet the Fractal Community is be a bi-monthly interview with an artist of our beloved fractal community.

This week let's have a closer look to jim373!

First of all , please introduce yourself to the community.
Hi everyone, my name is Jim Marx, I'm 59 and I live near Philadelphia in the USA.

Tell me how to call you? Do you go by your Name or an artistic pseudonym?
Most people call me Jim, certainly all of my friends do, although some other people insist on calling me by my first name which I never use and won't mention here!.

How did you discover deviantART Jim ?
Back in 2002, I was just starting to create wallpapers I felt were good enough to share with others. I searched the Internet for a site that would accept my uploads and happened across deviantArt. I was hooked instantly and have been here ever since! I've made many wonderful friends here from all over the world. It's safe to say that I am quite addicted to DA and although I have tried other sites, they just don't measure up to everything that I enjoy here at deviantART!

What is your earliest Artistic memory ?
When I was very young, my parents gave me an oil painting kit for Christmas. I must have been about 8 or 9 at the time. I painted a picture that of course drew raves from my dear Mother which started me on the path to artistic endeavor. I've always liked to draw and paint; I've also done sculpture and ceramics while in college, but my love for creating art really blossomed with the introduction of computers and digital art programs

How did you discover fractal? And why did you want to create some ?
I first discovered fractals in the early 90's when I downloaded a very basic fractal screensaver for my computer. It fascinated me and made me want to create something like that, but it wasn't until I joined DA and saw what people were creating in Apophysis and Ultra Fractal that I realized I could really make it happen.

Are you empirical or academically trained?

I took a number of art courses in college, but for everything related to the digital world, I learned from doing tutorials and studying the parameters of others which they so generously shared. 

What's your favorite tool of trades and why ?
Bryce was always my first love and I've used it since it's earliest version, but once I actually took the time to work my way through the included tutorials in Ultra Fractal, that completely took over as my favorite art program. I also love Apophysis, though I just can't quite get it to do what I picture in my mind. Mandelbulb 3D is another favorite and of course I dearly love my Photoshop!

What are your favorite kind of fractals ?
I mostly like Abstract and surrealistic artwork, so that is my main interest in making fractals.

If you have to choose only one fractal in your gallery which one would it be and why ?
That is a tough one, there are several that I especially like, but if I have to nail it down to one I guess it would be this one... 
Den of the Viper by jim373
It reminds me of the old bookcover artwork from the fantasy books I loved to read in my early years

Do you have some tips for new comers in the fractal art world ?
I would tell them to get familiar with one program that they like, do some tutorials and study the params of other artists, which is an excellent way to learn.

I've got one more question for you... if you were the last one standing in the world, what would be the first thing you would do ?
Well, after screaming why? a few times, I guess I would get down to finding someplace warm to stay and something to eat, make sure the basics are covered... and then maybe take a real long walkabout! .

I hope you guyz enjoy this article and are ready for the next one in two weeks !!