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March 24, 2013
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Meet the Fractal Community #8

Sun Mar 24, 2013, 4:11 PM
:ahoy: Hey everybody ! 

Welcome to the eight edition of Meet the Fractal community !
In few words, Meet the Fractal Community is be a bi-monthly interview with an artist of our beloved fractal community.

This week let's have a closer look to cmptrwhz!

First of all , please introduce yourself to the community.
My name is Dave Dartt (cmptrwhz).

Tell me how to call you? Do you go by your Name or an artistic pseudonym?
Call me Cmptrwhz as I am a computer freak. I love creating on the computer, programming, website design, and fractal art are just a few things I have interest in.

How did you discover deviantART cmptrwhz ?
My friend from work introduced me to the site when she found out that I was using apophysis to create fractals.

What is your earliest Artistic memory ?
My earliest artist moment was high school, I took art class for an elective option in 9th grade and from there I continued to take art as an elective every year after even thou it was not offered and no other higher level class was available. My art teacher made an exception and personalized a harder more difficult class every year for me. I dabbled in a little bit of everything. My teacher felt that learning a little bit of everything he could show me would give me a well rounded eduction in the artistic arts. Some of the things I remember doing was working with clay, painting with water colors, acrylics, and oils, I used a rapidograph pen set to create images purely from dots of ink, used pencil a lot making portraits, still images of fruits, vegetation, and etc, my art teacher was found of cartoon characters so I learned a little of that and with all the classes I took I cannot forget and will never forgot that I had to learn about all the great artists of the past and what their styles were and why they were famous I was tested on that subject matter for my grade, I do remember that my teacher had me try each artists style not to make me great in that art form but to again give me a well rounded education, and there was more but I'm 42 now and forgot what all I did when I was that young lmao.

How did you discover fractal? And why did you want to create some ?
I was searching the web and came across Apophysis purely out of chance.

Are you empirical or academically trained?

Most def trained in school by the most caring and awesome art teacher ever.

What's your favorite tool of trades and why ?
When it comes to fractals it would be Apophysis, but for physical art I love painting with oils and canvas and someday when I finally move my kids out of the house I will pick it back up. But with kids around there is always a dust cloud and then the ever so evil fingers, but then who has a kid that doesn't get into everything. 

What are your favorite kind of fractals ?
Fractals that resemble something in real life or can be put together with other fractals to form a more complete overall image, marbles, and then my last fav would be tilings.

If you have to choose only one fractal in your gallery which one would it be and why ?
That question is super easy to answer, my perfect fractal is Heaven's Stairs. 
Heaven's Stairs by cmptrwhz 
My reasoning is I believe in God and this is my interruption of stairway to heaven that you see elsewhere.   I created the stairs in Apophysis and as soon as I seen the image come thru (as I played around in the editor) the idea hit me right away that I needed to make this into my own heaven's stairs.  I rendered the image at 40x30inches at 6000 quality and 2 oversampling. Let's just say it took a while to render. then I opened it with photoshop and started to go to town making clouds and shading and etc until I finally was finished with 30 layers on this image.  I had to install an extra hard drive just to give myself enough memory to open and work with this image. Normal people would have given up with all the headache and crashes I went thru and simply reduced the image size but I persisted until I finished with what I just had to create.  The other reason I am very proud of this is that it is hanging in my church. I had it framed in a darkish wooden frame with a glass cover and donated it to my church to do either auction or give away but do with it as they felt. they decided to hang it up.  This made me very proud.

Do you have some tips for new comers in the fractal art world ?
Yes, DO NOT GIVE UP. yes learning sucks and most fractals don't even come close to come out the way you want or even something you would want post but never give up. The more you practice and the more you persist the more experience you will gain at controlling the program rather than the program controlling you.

I've got one more question for you... if you were the last one standing in the world, what would be the first thing you would do ?
Look to the heavens and ask what I should do and then continue with life as best as I can until it is time for me to leave.

I hope you guyz enjoy this article and are ready for the next one in two weeks !!

Meet the fractal community #8<hr>
Welcome to the eight issue of Meet the Fractal community !
In few words, Meet the Fractal Community is be a bi-monthly interview with an artist of our beloved fractal community.
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I see me lol yeah
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wolfepaw Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice interview, Damien. Dave has been a staple on dA for as long as I can remember. And he's an awesome fractal artist.
Lion6255 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice and informative article.....
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Great interview Damien, congrats to Dave! :thumbsup:
SaTaNiA Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thanks sweetheart :heart:
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